Pulkovo Main Terminal

Pulkovo Main terminal consists of new terminal and former Pulkovo-1building

and handles all regular domestic and international flights.

You can find directions to all Pulkovo terminals on google maps


On-board catering is one of the most important aspects of passenger service. We will take care of catering order arrangement and delivery, so you just need to choose the menu and send it to us.


Either you operate private jet or any big charter flight we are offering you only reliable and most trusted catering service providers. We are ready to provide and coordinate your flight with any catering supplier at St-Petersburg.


You can choose “GinzaSky”  or "JetSet" if you are interested in getting Premium class catering for your private or business flight. If you are operating any bigger aircraft and need catering with uplifts, we can offer the services of the “AeroMar”, a catering provider specializing in servicing most of the regular and charter flights in Pulkovo airport.


GAT Pulkovo-3 - Center for Business Aviation operated by "JetPort SPb" has opened its doors for domestic and international flights. Pulkovo-3 offer its clients a full spectrum of services comfortable arrival and departure zones, bar, Wi-Fi, meeting rooms, Russian and foreign magazines and newspapers, digital TV and etc. Pre-flight security control will take minimum of passengers time.


Pulkovo-3 terminal replaced the "Private Jet Lounge" which is not available anymore.


*** Kindly note that the passenger accompanying party will have to provide car's details in order to proceed to secure parking area***

PULKOVO AIRCRAFT SERVICES. Ground handling and representative services for airlines and business jets.